How To Make Your Own Found Footage Film.

How To Make Your Own Found Footage Film.

Welcome to Kunijaz Studios.

Want to learn how to make your own found footage film?

We are currently working on our first feature Drop Bears and we wish to take you along with us on the journey of making a found footage film.  In the lessons we will teach you how to start from script-writing your first feature all the way to releasing it.  We will be offering free Video lessons as well as digital products to help you get your film out there.

A tutorial on film making.

As we progress the tips and tricks can be applied to a variety of film styles not just found footage.  As well as this website you will be able to find our video tutorials on YouTube and pointers on Instagram. If you have any specifics that we can help you with shoot us a message on one of our socials and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  We may even make an episode about it for you.

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Keep creating!

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